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Floor is Rising NFT Podcast

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About the Podcast

NFT collector @Sabretooth and contemporary art critic @Kizu deep dive into NFTs. We discuss all the topics that are top of mind. Are NFTs more akin to the world of contemporary art or collectibles? Is it mostly about memes, clout harvesting, social capital flexes, or crypto wealth flaunting? Is this only for Gen Z, or can Boomers also get into the ring? Discord or Twitter? OpenSea, Superrare, Foundation, Makersplace, ArtBlocks, Hic et Nunc? In a space defined by homage, riffing and copying, and iterating, what’s left of the idea of copyright or originality, and the value arising from it? Are NFTs really innovating on the blockchain in technological, economic, social, and aesthetic terms? If not, what’s holding the space back? Floor is Rising dives deep into these questions and more in this corner of the crypto universe that moves at lightning speed. Informed musings, hot takes, speculation, spirited arguments — there’s something here for everyone.