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Jenny Sutto – Jenny from the Blockchain – host of NFT Catcher podcast

Podcast: Floor Is Rising 

Episode: FIR – Jenny Sutto

Welcome to the podcast Floor Is Rising with host SabreTooth, a professional NFT collector and Kizu, a professional art critic. On this podcast, we talk deeply about the business of creating, collecting and analyzing NFTs. So, if you’re a creator or collector of NFTs, jump in! 

On today’s episode, SabreTooth and Kizu welcome guest Jenny Sutto, aka “Jenny from the Blockchain” and host of the NFT Catcher Podcast. As the conversation begins, Jenny shares her background in the NFT space. It was her twin sister who introduced her to crypto in 2017, and to NFTs in 2020. Jenny’s first NFTs were a dozen cryptokitties and, shortly after, she got into NBA Top Shot quite early. Now, Jenny is fully immersed in the world of NFTs and is Head of Market for Evaluate Market. She decided to start making weekly update videos detailing what was happening in Top Shot and offer tips for beginners. She quickly gained subscribers and was offered the position with Evaluate. When she retired from making Youtube videos, her podcast began.  

Before making her Top Shot videos on YouTube, Jenny was actually a content creator on TikTok. She speaks about the differences in making short vs. long term content and the ability for TikToks to draw people’s interest towards new things. Though short term content is overly flashy and doesn’t always show the whole story to things, it’s very nature of being attention-grabbing helps introduce more people to NFTs. Then, Jenny reflects on the NFTs about which she initially didn’t understand the hype, such as Bored Apes. She didn’t like the art or profile pictures of the apes which was her initial turn off. 

Anyone can make a profit by flipping, but it takes a certain person to hold on to diamond hands until the end. SabreTooth shares his theory that people holding onto NFTs are similar to the hypebeast fashion community. Thus, the experience you bring with you into the NFT space will inform what projects you will get and diamond hand, and which you will not get and flip. Jenny herself got into Top Shot because she was already into Blockchain technology. She spent much time learning about crypto before ever putting any money into it. When you have been holding onto something for long enough, she reveals, it gets harder and harder to allow yourself to let go of it. 

Many people are beginning to value their digital identity over their real life one. Jenny believes this is because you can have a bigger impact online and reach more people. For this reason it will likely become more popular to own things digitally because more people can see the things you have. The value of NFTs is largely dependent on the price and the aura around it. Patience and discipline are a huge part of being in this space. In closing, she shares her favorite artist. 

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0:46 – Introduction to this episode and today’s guest, Jenny Sutto

1:20 – How Jenny got into NFTs. 

3:24 – Jenny’s progression to being immersed in NFTs. 

7:00 – Short form vs. long term content. 

13:28 – NFTs Jenny has been wrong about in the past. 

18:41 – Diamond hand holders vs. flipping. 

23:18 – The rise of the digital identity. 

25:21 – The need for discipline and patience in owning NFTs. 

28:02 – Jenny’s favorite artist. 


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