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Metakovan – Beyond the “Beeple Sale”

Episode 65: Show Notes.

MetaKovan made history by kicking off the biggest NFT boom by purchasing the most expensive NFT on record, Beeple’s ‘The First 5000 Days’. MetaKovan is also the founder of the Metapurse Fund, and NFT studio and investment fund, and we get to talk to him today, hearing all about his philosophy, current projects, and where he sees the world of art and NFTs heading in the near future. Our guest shares some really thought-provoking views on the societal functions of art, where art’s value really lies, and why personal relationships with pieces of work are so important. For MetaKovan, art is all about experience and interaction, and he sees the hoarding and private storing of important pieces as a waste and misuse of their power. So to hear it all from a truly central member of this new world, be sure to join us for this great episode!

Key Points From This Episode:


“Art has this nature where its value, that accrues to the art itself, is very different to the market.” — @MetaKovan [0:04:30]

“How does art become valuable? In a lot of ways it’s the story, it’s how people hold it over time.” — @MetaKovan [0:04:58]

“That’s where I am now, thinking about how do we make sure that use this phenomenal change that has happened in a way that is sustainable, and has lasting impact.” — @MetaKovan [0:06:02]

“In a few years, I’ll be really proud if I am able to buy art from different parts of the world.” — @MetaKovan [0:12:51]

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