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NFT crosschain – The Teleportation Paradox – Drew Beller, Prateek Shah – Spanning Labs

Today on the Floor Is Rising Podcast we are joined by Prateek Shah and Drew Beller, the two Co-Founders of Spanning Labs, to speak about what their company is offering the world of NFTs and why artists and collectors should be excited about the expansion of possibilities they are bringing to the space. We get to hear all about the company and how our guests made their way to the advent of this project before we dive into their vision for cross-chain interoperability and the practicalities of what this will mean when they launch publicly early next year. Along the way, we cover some interesting ground, hearing from Drew and Prateek about the lessons in consensus the blockchain space has taken from robotics, what they see on the near horizon for the NFT markets, some of their competitors, and how they differentiate themselves, and a little about the architecture of their solution. So, in order to hear all about an exciting addition that might be the answer to your needs, be sure to press play!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Our guests’ backgrounds and journey into their current roles working in the NFT realm.
  • Cross-pollination between robotics and the blockchain space.
  • Spanning Labs’ solution for cross-chain interoperability.
  • Detailing how ownership changes in NFTs under the Spanning Labs NFT framework and what is meant by ‘moving owners around’.
  • The intricacies of blockchains like Solana and how the Spanning network fits into these transactions.
  • Potential changes to the NFT landscape in the next few years, with increasingly lower barriers to entry.
  • More power and control for creators to make decisions about their art.
  • Drew and Prateek’s perspectives on competition in their section of the market.
  • Differences between Spanning Labs and competitive solutions such as LayerZero.
  • Integration with OpenSea and how Spanning NFTs can be deployed and function.
  • An explanation of multi-chain addresses in the current climate.
  • Adoption strategies from Spanning Labs in the context of the bear market.
  • The modular architecture of Spanning, and what this enables for transfers.
  • Where and how to learn more about Spanning Labs!
  • Drew and Prateek’s favourite NFT artists and projects, and what they are most excited about on the horizon.


“There won’t be one blockchain to rule them all, but there might be one blockchain that’s the best at payment processing.” — @DrewBeller

“It’s really important to us that an NFT is always owned by the user.” — @DrewBeller

“The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not possible for a contract to meant to be deployed locally to interact in a multi-chain way.” — Prateek Shah

“I am really looking forward to seeing more changes in the generative art space, specifically how we can start generating art on-chain.” — Prateek Shah

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