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NFT Collectors 5/x – Denzuul – Accidental NFT influencer through shitposting

NFT Collectors 5/x – Denzuul – Accidental NFT influencer through shitposting

Floor is Rising NFT Podcast

Published on:November 16, 2021

NFT Collectors 5/x – Denzuul – Accidental NFT influencer through shitposting

Episode interview with Denzuul, find his Twitter @Denzuul

[0:53 – 4:50] Denzuul bought bitcoin as far back as 2011, started to really get into it by 2015. Last year (2020) noticed investment potential of NFTs and from there fell in love with the art side of things.

When Denzuul started off with NFTs he thought projects like Kitties and Punks were dumb. Aesthetically he still doesn’t quite get it but, understanding the technology and community behind these projects his respect and understanding has grown. 

[4:50 – 7:00] Kizu also agrees that the meme and PFP projects do not do much for him aesthetically which brings up the question, why are these projects so popular?

Sabretooth points out that crypto is, at its core, antagonistic (towards Wall Street or traditional finance). NFTs inherited this antagonism and thus also look to undermine the traditional art world and its values. That is the point or the greatness of it.

[7:00 – 8:26] Kizu talks about the identifying factors of the G’Evol project, and what elements people might identify with. Denzuul denies involvement in the project and states that he is merely a huge fan. That when he first saw a baby in a ski mask, he felt it was tru;y different from other projects and there was something there he identified with.

[8:59 – 10:53] Sabretooth notes that, people come into the NFT space usually because they are attracted to the money that can be made but that this often evolves into a deeper love for the art. Denzuul finds that what actually moved him to feel more connected to the scene was shit posting. This was what brought him to really love the scene. 

[10:5312:45] Denzuul was always a shit poster, even back in the crypto scene. He used to have multiple personas, he now almost exclusively focuses on Denzuul profile. 

[12:4514:41] Denzull thinks that if Ethereum doesn’t come out with the 2.0 version in the next year or two, that they will start loosing the NFT market, but not their DeFi market. He thinks that art doesn’t have the same need for security as finance. That it is not worth paying $400 per transaction for the extra security and that HEN will take their place if they don’t fix issues around gas fees.

[14:4116:19] Denzuul says that gas fees were really high in spring/summer of 2021. Felt the need to buy JPEGs but couldn’t afford to on ETH so he started to move to HEN. From there he kept finding great projects and got hooked. Now he owns over 1000 works on HEN.

[16:1918:00] Sabretooth points out that we’re in an NFT bear market. Denzuul feels this will probably last until the end of the year, but says that it’s a good thing since you can’t have a market that is always rising. 

As crypto goes up, it is natural trader psychology that people will want to hold on to their crypto as apposed to NFTs. Thinks that it may be a rough 6 months but that looking to the long haul he’s still really bullish on NFTs. 

[18:0319:00] Denzuul’s favorie artists on HEN are, TokBlok, he is also partial to Dalek as he has a collection with him. He is a huge fan of kiszkiloszki and also gives a shot out to  Von Doyle and Laurence Fuller

[19:0020:05] 95% of Denzuul’s buying process is based on simply if he likes it or not (especially on HEN). 5% is based on value and how much it costs.

[20:0523:15] Looking to the contrast of celebrities versus art historians or critics, Denzuul feels that celebrities will dictate the value system within NFTs. He says that this is true in and outside of the NFT scene and while somewhat unfortunate he doesn’t feel that this will change.

This being said, celebrities are good at pushing things once they’re discovered but Internet personalities and specialized experts are still needed for finding new trends.

[23:1525:02] While Denzuul has quit his job and focuses more on the Denzuul account, he still doesn’t have a vision for where he hopes to go with it. He feels that when you make a plan it is more likely to fail and that he rather just enjoy it and see where it goes. 

[25:2826:26] Denzuul’s favorite artist (if he can’t say KidEight) would be TokBlok, Kiszkiloszki and Lucréce