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Trad art crossover – 2/x – Christian Andersen – Michael Jeppesen – Trad Art Gallerists turned NFT marketplace

Trad art crossover – 2/x – Christian Andersen – Michael Jeppesen – Trad Art Gallerists turned NFT marketplace

Floor is Rising NFT Podcast

Published on:December 7, 2021

Trad art crossover – 2/x – Christian Andersen – Michael Jeppesen – Trad Art Gallerists turned NFT marketplace

[1:11 – 4:01] Christian was introduced to NFTs when Michael approached him with the idea of bringing NFTs to the JuneArt Fair. With the emergence of NBA Top Shot and Beeple he saw a need for something for the established art world. Michael said you could have NFTs created by artists of the caliber of Jeff Koons and NFTs collectors wouldn’t know who it was. Michael wanted a place more in line with the old fashioned art world where art is curated and JuneArt came from this.

[4:27 – 6:52] Michael says there is a difference between the traditional artists and crypto artists. Generative art projects may look interesting, but mostly sell because people want to make money. Bored Apes and Crypto Punks are interesting from a cultural perspective, but not as art works. Vice Magazine has linked NFTs to a generation. Michael credits the internet with the ability for anyone to use OpenSea and other platforms to publish.

[7:34 – 8:45] Michael says you can look at NFTs or a medium or a scene. The scene is 99% generative art. Michael and Christian look at NFTs as a medium. They work with renowned galleries for JuneArt that have artists working to make new and interesting art. NFTs are an opportunity to take art further.

[9:18 – 12:07] Michael discusses how the traditional art world is internal with small groups vs the large groups of the crypto community. The benefit of the large crypto communities is it’s more accessible and provides the ability to create awareness for art. That creates the possibility to build your own large audience which hasn’t been possible for many in the old fashioned art world. With more accessibility this may lead to more advanced art.

[12:0813:21] Christian talks about galleries opening online viewing rooms(OVRs) to sell physical art digitally. Physical art doesn’t work on a digital platform unless it’s flat (unlike a sculpture). He liked the idea of NFTs alongside a traditional gallery because you see exactly what you are getting.

[13:2217:57] Sabretooth poses the idea that art coming out of PFPs and generative art can be compared to the film industry transition from theatre to film and good art will survive and generic art won’t last. Michael says this comparison isn’t accurate because the art world is already so diverse. Christian agrees with the Sabretooth and says what we see now is scratching the surface of what may come. Michael agrees this could lead to more.

[20:5023:39] Michael says describing Crypto Punks to the traditional art world would make people think of Andy Warhol. He says in the old art world people want to be first. He believes people at art fairs are now trying to pretend they were first to NFTs. For the chess world, Michael created Chess Champs with Magnus Carlson of Play Magnus. The old art world has huge potential. Christian thinks in the next few years more galleries and art fairs will have NFT platforms.

[24:2726:21] Christian says the crypto art world needs artists from the traditional art world such as Simon Denny to contribute to move it forward. Michael gives an example from the JuneArt where there was an NFT from Januário Jano who created a NFT to preserve 200 year old sound of birds from his village in Africa. 

Kizu asks about high profile drops from Damien Hirst, Tom Sachs, Rocket Factory, Cai Guo Qiang, Takashi Murakami with Clonex.

[26:2228:58]: Michael is excited for Damien Hirst’s project because he’s been making generative art for years. Christian and Michael mention projects from Jeff Koons, Urs Fischer, and Tom Sachs. Michael says Cory Arcangel does good work and will do work with NFTs soon. Christian uses Simon Denny as an example of a renowned artist making NFTs.

[29:0429:53] Michael’s favorite artist is Chris Burden. Christian’s favorite artist is Marcel Duchamp.