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Singaporean NFT artist – Shavonne Wong – Photography

Singaporean NFT artist – Shavonne Wong – Photography

Floor is Rising NFT Podcast

Published on:August 5, 2021

Singaporean NFT artist – Shavonne Wong – Photography

10 min 13 sec episode

  • Shavonne’s career as a commercially successful photographer and how she transitioned into a NFT career
  • How she has ported her practise from trad art to NFT world and the efforts to be more “medium native”
  • Price differences between photography NFTs vs prices at art fairs
  • What other successful traditional artists can learn from Shavonne’s move into NFTs


Shavonne reached out to us to clarify some things in the episode;

Shavonne’s NFT works are not animated photography. They are done using realistic 3D virtual models.

The 14/21ETH listing on Foundation are secondary sales listing not primary sales.

Shavonne’s photography comes from a fashion and commercial background, not through traditional art galleries. Hence it’s a brand new practice built on the experience and background of a fashion photography career.

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