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$TRSH art series 3/3 – Yuna – Feminist NFT OG

$TRSH art series 3/3 – Yuna – Feminist NFT OG

Floor is Rising NFT Podcast

Published on:September 18, 2021

$TRSH art series 3/3 – Yuna – Feminist NFT OG

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Avatar project:

[0.55-03.25] Yuna first got into NFTs when she saw a tweet by OG $TRSH artist Robness on twitter.

[3:46-7:14] She orignially was an oil painter in traditional art and wanted to paint realism, but when she got into NFTs, realised that she had to switch to digital techniques, so started learning how to use Procreate on an iPAD. She became part of a artist community on Telegram that became the $TRSH Art group. She gets bored easily, so resisted having a “signature” style for a while in her career, but eventually she did develop a recognisable signature style.

[7:43-9:28] Yuna doesn’t consider her Art “$TRSH art” anymore, sees it as a distinct time period in CryptoArt history. Was a reaction against people disparaging the artists, and sees a lot of the pieces as an inside joke that was remixed and shared amongst artists.

[9:57 – 13:37]Yuna along with Stina Jones, Angie Taylor and Sparrow started WOCA organised the first female NFT art show CryptoVoxels called She ART. This led to an even bigger all female exhibition organised by GraffitiKINGS and Darren Cullen and supported by WOCA that was featured in NBC News called Graffiti Queens that spanned 9 galleries and over 300 works.

[13:4719:11] Yuna’s kids kept asking her why she wasn’t doing NFT game, and she saw a lot of other profile picture projects where she didn’t like the art and wondered why Artsts were not doing these projects. So decided to push the boundaries and do Lost Avatars with GraffitiKings and Arnold Which is set to launch soon.

[19:32- 22:26] Yuna talks about future plans, including buying land in the Metaverse, holding concerts there for her avatars, doing exhibitions in China and Korea.