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Reddit NFTs – 0xBoffin – Bull thesis

Boffin talks about how NFTs is an emotionally loaded term, and that many people would buy NFTs if they were not called that.

Boffin talks his theory of why reddit NFTs will accrue value, and the longer the collectible lasts, the more people get on board, the oldest ones will be worth the most.

Boffin says the earliest people have the best handles on twitter, and that they can use flex to stand out.

Boffin says that Reddit NFTs is a pretty big bet personally for him on the long term future of them.

Boffin talks about how the product decisions of the Reddit team have an impact on the future value of Reddit NFTs and how much they want to support the project.

Boffin says owning the collectible avatars makes owners financially invested in reddit making good product decisions going forward. Boffin mentions the governance stack they’ve built on Arbitrum.

Boffin talks about how he evaluates projects in general and talks about how to predict if a narrative will take off. Boffin talks about various narratives that he thought would take off but hasn’t including Cool Cats. It has been directionless and the floor of the cool cats community has dropped.

Boffin discusses the narrative of Squiggles as another example of a narrative that didn’t take off like he thought.

Boffin discusses his favourite nfts and says he like buying from small artists.


How he got into crypto in 2013. 1:33

The amount of capital he’s spent on reddit NFTs. 7:41

How to stand out in a digital world. 16:58

How much does reddit want to continue to support NFTs? 22:50

How traits work in Reddit NFTs – 25:56

NFT thesis that didn’t work out. 32:46

Coolcats, an example of a narrative that didn’t take off. 39:09

What is your favourite NTFT and why? – 43:30



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