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Sasha Fleyshman – Arca NFT fund manager – NFT gaming

Podcast: Floor Is Rising 

Episode: Sasha Fleyshman

Welcome to the podcast Floor Is Rising with host Sabre Tooth, a professional NFT collector and Kizu, a professional art critic. On this podcast, we talk deeply about the business of creating, collecting and analyzing NFTs. So, if you’re a creator or collector of NFTs, jump in! 

On today’s episode of Floor is Rising, host Sabre Tooth is joined by Sasha Fleyshman, Arcachemist on Twitter and Portfolio Manager at Arca, one of the biggest brand names in crypto funds. The episode begins with Sasha talking about how he got into NFTs and became the portfolio manager at Arca. He began by helping to test the different products and shares how his unique skills and experience in gaming helped him in this field. He had always found it interesting and was an expert in the mechanics of it, which helped him grow in his knowledge and reach his current position. He also shares about his role in helping pitch ideas to the team and begin running new strategies on an institutional level. 

Next, Sasha and Sabre discuss the differences between individuals buying NFTs versus institutions buying them. First, Sasha points out how everyone does it in different ways with different strategies. However, he encourages all buyers to look at the underlying project of the NFT as well as the relationship of the success of the profit to the success of the asset to help inform decisions. The NFT gaming sector has grown largely in recent years, and Sasha also discusses two of the leading factors in this growth, specifically in how Covid increased involvement.  

Moving on to the specifics of the NFT gaming sector, Sasha next discusses the different ways that the playing fields are made even and fair. He also dives into the enhanced PvP mechanics of this field. These originally started out as unsustainable because of low effort games being put out into the field, however, Sasha shares his confidence that the games which build IP will survive and thrive. He lists some of the games about to be dropped soon which he has high hopes for and points out the importance of gaining attention from gamers through the creation of backstories.

Sasha then gives insight into how to assess a game’s solid IP. Because this field is still in the early stages of its growth and development, it can be difficult to truly assess them. However, he does discuss the benefits of looking for an alpha or beta, asking questions directly to the team, and reading whitepapers to make sure everything checks out. Another important key Sasha encourages listeners to look out for is how the assets correlate to the project. He gives some 

examples of different games that struggled in this area and how it affected their quality and growth.

The episode continues as Sasha explains how they analyze and process data to implement different tweaks into the system to enhance it and make it better. He shares how it is a continual work in progress and how there is always growth to achieve: the ultimate goal is to take what you have learned and use it to make things better. Most importantly, he discusses the importance of knowing what the assets are and the role they play in the ecosystem, always reaching out about questions rather than relying on ambiguity, viewing it from different standpoints, and reflecting on the progress and data present. 

Lastly, Sabre and Sasha reflect on the different AI used in these gaming systems and the ways it is implemented to enhance the games. Sasha specifically looks at how AI can be trained to develop and create unique assets for the games. The future is bright for AI, and Sasha tells of his excitement for what it has to offer in this field and in how these types of land will gain instrumental value. He concludes by sharing about some of the projects he has been a part of and some of the future games coming out that he is the most excited for. 

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1:00 – Introduction to this episode and today’s guests

4:05 – Difference in individuals versus institutions buying NFTs 

7:00 – The growth of the NFT gaming sector

15:52 – Enhanced PDP mechanics 

20:40 – How to assess a game’s solid IP

23:33 – How has Sasha’s analysis process changed over the past couple months

27:47 – Viewing the field from a metric standpoint

30:53 – Sasha’s View on AI and what it has to offer in the world of gaming

36:06 – Different projects Sasha has investigated that he likes and dislikes


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