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Beyond speculation in web3 gaming – 0xKepler

If you’re interested in the Web3 gaming space then today’s episode is for you! We’ll be unpacking where Web3 gaming is currently at, the trends we’ve been noticing, and what developments we expect to see from this field going forward. Here to help us unpack this topic is special guest, Kepler, a builder, and writer who specializes in crypto and the Web3 gaming space. Tuning in you’ll hear us discuss the state of Web3 gaming, the role that speculation plays in feeding this ecosystem, and how these games are succeeding (and failing) at creating new genres and formats. Our conversation covers some of the challenges that Web3 gaming is currently facing, including how to support both investors and gamers, and what it means to create an infrastructure that accommodates a range of risk profiles. We also discuss the concept of social innovation in gaming, how Web3 is facilitating it, and what some of our favourite Web3 games.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Kepler, and how he got into the Web3 gaming space.
  • Top takeaways from the recent article that Kepler wrote on Web3 gaming.
  • Kepler’s thoughts on the future of Web3 gaming and how to limit speculation.
  • The potential for people to play Web3 games for fun, and not just with an earning mindset.
  • An overview of battle royale games and how they are significant to Web3 gaming.
  • The potential role that esports and streamers could play in Web3 gaming.
  • A breakdown of the analogy that compares Web3 games to nightclubs.
  • How to create a Web3 game that accommodates a range of players.
  • Why Web3 games should have the option of playing with different risk profiles.
  • The concept of permadeath and how it affects your gaming experience.
  • The difficult decision many Web3 games are facing when it comes to prioritizing their investors or their gamers.
  • The new genres and functionalities that crypto and Web3 gaming could potentially offer.
  • How Web3 gameplay is paving the way for social innovation.
  • Why developers need to understand what different players are motivated by.
  • The benefits of giving people the opportunity to explore all your gaming features.
  • The real reasons why NFT and Web3 gaming has grown so quickly.
  • Learn what Kepler’s favourite Web3 game of the moment is!


“When you open the economy to everyone, even players that are not inside the game, and you allow for trading, you also open it up to speculation. And that can basically destroy your whole game.” — Kepler

“You probably shouldn’t make every asset into an NFT. Because it just becomes way harder for you to control the economy.”

“Crypto is basically risky. So what you could do is have players self-select a risk profile. So when you’re looking at an esports game, some people just want to play the game, and others want to play wager matches. So that’s much higher risk.”

“At one point, mobile games got a template and then everyone did it. There’s nothing like that in Web3 gaming, for now. But I think that’s also the interesting part of it because we’re in the exploration phase and not the exploitation phase of ideas.”

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