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2022 FIR NFT Awards: Category – Metaverse

Today, we will discuss the results of the top metaverse projects with a special guest, Ogar. He originally worked in design and production in the video game and the esports industry for 10 years until he found his true calling in NFTs, blockchains, and the metaverse. Ogar launched his company in 2019, Ogar Production, to pursue his passion for alternative art that embraces the voxel atheistic. His work focuses on creating buildings and assets within the metaverse space, one block at a time! In this episode, we go through the various winners and discuss what makes them stand out, as well as the future potential and challenges for the metaverse space. We learn details about the winners, what Ogar thinks about the various projects, aspects that make each project special, the role of big corporations in the space, the value of indie projects, and much more! Tune in to hear from a leader and respected figure within this cutting-edge industry, Ogar!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We learn how Ogar first started in the NFT space and what he is currently working on.
  • Background about Sandbox and why he thinks it is an interesting project.
  • What Ogar sees as the competitive advantage of Sandbox compared to similar projects.
  • How he thinks Sandbox can strike a balance between people and technology.
  • He shares what he thinks about the future potential and challenges are for Sandbox.
  • What the new OM project is and how Ogar would characterize it.
  • Whether OM will be able to meet the promises of users and be sustainable.
  • Discussion about the narrative of OM and how it is beneficial to scaling the project.
  • Learn about Cryptovoxels and what makes it different to other metaverses.
  • Aspects that he enjoys the most about Cryptovoxels and why he values it the most.
  • The vision that the developers of Cryptovoxels have in common with Ogar.
  • Some of the problems and challenges that Cryptovoxels may have in future.
  • Comparison of Cryptovoxels to other metaverses.
  • The characteristics of Cryptovoxels that makes it appealing to people.
  • How Ogar feels about Cryptovoxels’ focus on art within the digital space.
  • An overview of the winner of the vote: Decentraland.
  • Why Ogar thinks Decentraland won and what is the mass appeal.
  • Ogar gives us his opinion on the role of Facebook in popularising metaverse.
  • We end the show by finding out what Ogar’s favorite metaverse project is.


“Whatever you deliver, you deliver it in a better world.” — @Dat_Ogar [0:12:56]

“I believe that the metaverse will be the one to clear the path and act like a laboratory of metaverse societies that will function under the development of decentralized contracts.” — @Dat_Ogar [0:24:22]

“In Cryptovoxels, I feel like there is more life and also feel that they did more to include people that didn’t have a lot of money or a lot of crypto, in order to push them to build.” — @Dat_Ogar [0:37:53]

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